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1 Choose your base

There is also a mini Burrito, for - €2.00



Rice, bulgur or beans & toppings of your choice wrapped in a soft flour tortilla


Rice, bulgur or beans and toppings of your choice in a bowl. Gluten-free


A bed of Romaine lettuce with beans and toppings of your choice. Gluten-free



3 small soft flour tortillas filled with toppings of your choice.


A flour tortilla filled with cheese, chicken and toppings of your choice.


A bowl of nachos, Chili Cin Carne cheese from the oven and toppings of your choice.

2 Choose your filling


Extra portion Veggie € 2.00

Extra portion of chicken € 3.00


Marinated and grilled chicken

€ 9,95


A mixture of peppers and onions

€ 9,45

Chili Sin Carne

Heart-healthy vegan chili sin carne

€ 10,45

3 Choose your topping

Pico de gallo is a Mexican salad

Pico de gallo

Sliced tomato, coriander, lime and onion

Grated cheese

Add some Dutch cheese


A mix of sweet corn, roasted peppers, lime and red onion


Freshly chopped Romaine lettuce

Sour cream

For a fresh and creamy taste


Fresh mashed avocado

There is a surcharge of € 2.00

4 Choose your salsa

Tasty Tomato


Chunky Tomato


Mango habanero

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You can also order from Bistroo (takeaway) and Thuisbezorgd (takeaway and delivery)

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