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The hot dog from Hugh's kitchen is a beef sausage from the sausage grill and the soft bun is toasted in the oven. It is served with toppings such as: tomato relish, mustard, bbq sauce, pickle relish, onion, or cheese for example.

Due to delivery problems, we are temporarily using turkey hot dog sausages.

Sanora Hotdog - €8.95

Hot dog bun filled with beef hot dog, bacon, black beans, tomato relish, jalapeno, red onion, lemon mayonnaise and pickle

Organic  Halal  Takeaway  Eataway

The New York Style Hotdog - during opening promotion € 5.95 (7.95)

The most classic hot dog among hot dogs with a beef hot dog bun, pickle relish, tomato relish and mustard.

Organic  Halal  Takeaway  Eataway

Bacon 'n Beans Hotdog - €9.45

A Hotdog bun filled with a beef hotdog, fried and spiced bacon, beans, onion, tomato relish, fried egg

Organic  Halal  Takeaway  Eataway Homemade

Filthy BaconChiliCheese Hotdog - €9.45

The beef dog lies on a delicious bun and is garnished with bacon, a spicy chilli bbq sauce and a hot cheese sauce and is topped off with spring onion.

Organic Spicy Halal  Takeaway  Eataway

Many flavours in or on a small tortilla and a special folding method for the wraps, here you can taste all the flavours you have chosen from the toppings of the day.

Soft tacos

Vegan taco € 3.45

On a flour tortilla we combine bean spread with pomegranate seeds, lettuce, guacamole and vegan cheese sauce.

Organic  Vegan Vegetarian Slightly spicy Takeaway  Eataway

Mango beef taco - €3.45

Guacamole forms the basis of a flour tortilla, further with pico de gallo, pulled chicken, lettuce and smoky hemp sauce.

Organic  Medium spicy Takeaway  Eataway

Tomato chicken taco - €3.45

Flour tortilla with tomato relish, mango, cactus, pulled chicken, guacamole

Organic  Medium spicy Takeaway  Eataway

Promotion: 3 for 8,95! 

Wrap €7.95

Compose your own tortilla with a choice of toppings that we have available at that moment. Thanks to a special folding method, you have a constant taste experience when you are eating. Think of:

  • Guacamole
  • Cheese sauce
  • Tomato relish
  • Bbq sauce
  • Grated cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Pulled chicken
  • Bean spread
  • Smokey hemp sauce

Also available as a vegan wrap

Organic, slightly spicy, take-away

Organic  Slightly spicy Takeaway  Eataway


Black bean Tostada - €3.45

Tostada with black bean spread, lettuce root, pomegranate, smoky hemp sauce.

Vegan Vegetarian  Organic Eataway Slightly spicy

Tomango Tostada - €3.45

Tostada with tomato relish, cactus, lettuce, chicken, mango, carrot, smoky hemp sauce.

Halal Organic Eataway Slightly spicy

Cheese onion Tostada - €3.45

Cheese sauce, lettuce, pulled beef, sweet onion with chipotle, smoky hemp sauce.

Halal Organic Eataway Medium spicy

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