Hugh's Kitchen

Our Bistro

You can order our dishes to your heart's content, take them out or have them delivered.

But you can also take a seat at our Bistro and enjoy our menus, fajitas or our tacos.

Here is a sample of our menu.

Taco Fajita - € 12.00

Two stuffed barquitas with fajita with vegetarian chicken, cheddar and tomato from the oven.

Hotdog Menu - € 13.50

A hot dog of your choice and a delicious dessert and drink of your choice.

Fajita with Halloumi - € 15.00

Fajita with Halloumi

Nacho Complete - €8.50

The basic version but extended with a can of Guapi beer, the Mexican beer that accompanies nachos. Great with a game of football. Order and eat at a game.

Our complete Bistro menu

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