Hugh's Kitchen


Festival wraps

Wrap Chicken Fig Pomegranate - €7.95

Guacamole Tortilla, fig chutney, chicken, pastrami, cactus, pomegranate seeds, iceberg lettuce

Organic  Slightly spicy  Takeaway  Eataway

Wrap Chicken Mango - € 7.95

Guacamole Tortilla, bacon, lettuce, carrot, jalapeno, mango, chicken, cactus

Organic  Slightly spicy  Takeaway  Eataway

Chicken Avocado Wrap - €7.95

Guacamole Tortilla, Guacamole, bacon, avocado, chicken, iceberg lettuce, grilled red pepper, carrot

Organic  Slightly spicy  Takeaway  Eataway

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