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Mexican party

When you organise a party, there are several ingredients that make it a success. Nice people, good music, refreshing drinks... and of course good food! But a party like that is a lot of hassle and it's only natural that you don't want to spend days in the kitchen yourself. So what do you do if you want something special at your party? You let Kitchen take care of the food.

Good to know

  • The strength of Hugh's Kitchen is its intimate, small-scale character. However, we are forced to maintain a minimum number of 30 people per event.
  • We have opted for competitive, transparent pricing per person. The costs for preparation, hire of the food truck and staff are charged separately. For this we charge a fixed amount of € 125.
  • If you hire us, we will come with a minimum of two people and stand with the food truck at your location for two hours.
  • Does your event take place within the municipality of Almere? If so, we do not charge travel expenses. In other cases, we charge € 0.30 per kilometre, with a minimum of € 15.00.
  • We have also listed some practical concerns.

Dishes from the food truck

Engage us to prepare a delicious, fresh and healthy meal for your guests from our food truck. You can choose from different themes, so there is something for almost every taste and budget.

  • American Hotdogs
  • Mexican Tortilla dishes
  • Tapas
  • Latin American chilli dishes
  • Tomato and bean soup
  • Seasonal tacos and wraps
  • Christmas with hot chocolate and Gluh wine

Do you have specific wishes regarding the composition of the themes, would you like to combine dishes from different themes or would you like a dish that is not listed? No problem, just send an e-mail. If you know, book directly via Neighbourhood kitchens or let us do it. We can also serve drinks at parties alongside the food from the food truck.


Of course, an event should also include drinks; we always bring a mix of flavours and colours from Jarritos and Freez. Freez contains much less sugar and Jarritos is sweet from natural sugars.

From jarritos:

  • Lime
  • Mexican Cola
  • Mandarin
  • Strawberry


Do you want a tapas meal or tapas snacks, we can meet that too, of course we will choose from the dishes on the website, but also an addition such as

  • Corn
  • Cream cheese jalapeno
  • Empanadilla
  • Taquito Papa Taco Chorizo
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